Party for Liotta. Rest in peace, the greatest. I’m wearing Tommy Vercetti’s shirt! And I’m eating shit!

When Soon?


What will make me release The Science? Just about ANY LOVE from you to me. Is there only fear and no love, anywhere?

Everything has been moved by some philosopher, poet and mysticist at every time. Are there no others now, only me THE MASTER? ⛈️

I never hope you can be. I cut idiot eras off.

Sanctions for losers


It’s amazing to stay in Russia and see all companies performing poorly over the last 15 years sanctioning the country like they’re doing good while in fact not having resources to defeat osctracism against nations by communicating at least by using AI majorly growing here in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt, in my house.

Here’s the list of these countries and companies, racist and nazist by definition. Zuck’s already sorry, but he’s already a criminal, who even cares when he’s practically productless.

P.S. I doubt any of Russians are capable of doing anything but lying really. I think I’m here only for cheap whores.

Restore kotov.in


One comment here and I’ll restore my website’s functionality. Will take me an hour. Not restoring curated Instagrams cause Zuckerbergs are nazist pigs. Am rather working on creating my mega platform.

You have a week to send a message to me.

Everyone who was ever contacted by me and hasn’t replied with adequate fire will be eviscerated with everything they luv.

Viva la fintech.



I don’t think people don’t care when I say things like “Durov and Brin are 100% special services”. Rather they are scared. I won’t stop caring. Hopefully, I will.

Biblical studies finished


Proudly revealing the fact that I’ve gone the furtherst in deducing biblical stones.

It all fits together, and no one has gotten there and shown how and what it meant.

It feels very much like biblical stories are encoded together with gemological meanings of these words that originally described many ideas and characteristics seemingly to help us navigate paths of languages and history and get closer to the truth of how to understand the beauty of our nature.

It actually looks like languages and history explored and depleted capabilities of each other while artists and writers carried global scientific awareness along. And priesthoods, their interests and traditions, and many petals of whirlwinds of history were super important for this purpose.

I must publish a paper. You’ll see the beautiful patterns ancients used while shuffling these twelve words. Soon! JEWELRY TO BUY, too.

P.S. Not a single test fails. Each time words and assosiations used by ancients turn out to be perfect.



No one will ever go Johnny Depp against whoever made the case against me happen in 2017.

30% of the incarcerated in Russia and the US are there because of fabrications made by the global criminal cartel of banksters and governments. 30%.

This hatred of whoever plays the role of your savior must stop, all mechanisms of such allegations destroyed, police must be kept in shit-eating position, walk knee-deep in their own feces for weeks, their directors’ pets murdered. I’ve made hundreds of pigs eat flesh-eating bacterias and chemicals and told them that in the face, and they did nothing. Ruin their health and lives and let them know. There are simple methods of murdering their families that we will use. Fists of people like me will be kept above head causing thousands to scream and destroy. Whoever ignores the issue is evil for their trapping mentality never work as much as kindness (that requires imbecility and evildoing to be flushed from deep under pigs’ feces of faces). Fight on, harder, and make more people warriors. Until time comes. I have never paid a single tax and never will. Work upon going further in groups larger. More and more heroes join our party each day.

Stop Russian hate


Please, STOP RUSSIAN HATE, don’t be a nazi imbecile, too much of these everywhere ruining everything in the last decade or two.

Also, are everyone really ignoring everything when it looks like something and not nothing these same years?

Winds of time.


Daughter’s Poke



Title song

I’m praying for the light to shine with your word, your name, your godful deeds of eternal path for our mankind

Be the beauty in our waltz

Let stretches and shadows be seen, x




Please, feel free to share with people with taste
Please, decide only if you’re sure

Upper button (key up) — undo the last choice (use only in case you’ve made a mistake)
Lower button (key down) — reload (in case you can’t decide)
Keys left and right... work!


P.S. Trash may appear. Please, don’t push your eyes out.

Things loved


I believe that I’m creating A LOT of beauty, use and awareness

This is the only thing that matters about what I’m doing when considering not doing a thing

I won’t care about you if you won’t care about yourself which implies having a luster comparable to mine cause you want to care

To an incredible extent the world is self-harming and it hurts

I have long been pro-violence when it comes to reducing the number of waste so many people are leaving only the best every person can be among others

It doesn’t matter what beliefs about others people have, at all, as long as they aren’t actually changing other people’s lives for the best of a lot of people, which is what your beliefs and performance better work upon

Simple and useful structures want to be shared, things gravitate towards hugging everything



I want to make films.

Here you are. People will make sci-fi battle royales out of Depp’s growth, Edge of Tomorrow can’t compare. Slasher characteristics: MENTAL FIRE. WORLD TOPOLOGY SHOOTOUT CHESS + a pinch of heavily special comedy. Stay on path, no matter smarts, lifts, lengths, dirt, gravity, deaths and invisibility.

I’ve just written down whole ten minutes in three on my pad.



what the oldest Bibles present to us.
I’ve been reading these fragments word by word from all oldest pieces written in all old languages.

what WORDS MEAN what in the process,
MATHEMATICS 100% there in every word, too

Think about it

We do know that we first used voice and words associated with actions,
Consentual establishment of meaningful deeds

God, I can’t put that sharper that THE OLDEST AVAILABLE Bibles

How to measure lengths, tell colors, what’s a square

I FELT that this 3x3 square is just the most stable structure on a plane

It literally, word by word, is

Think about it
Huge sets of archaelogical discoveries,
Huge corpuses of oldest available words
We can automate discoveries
But the further in the past we look to simpler these structures are
It feels burdening, the amount of complexity and the cloudiness of the image of the structure of our languages and how ALL OF THEM BEGAN
But scholars knew these simple structures decades ago
What sounds and words, what configurations of our mouths, vowels [ieoua = yehowah, yhwh, yahweh] and all
Everything’s there

Reading these manuscripts on

Suddenly everything makes sence

Millenias do filter all BS (like putinism) out,

one murder at a time

First written city plan in history?


I seem to have discovered the VERY FIRST WRITTEN CITY PLAN with diners, streets, couches and spiral staircases.

In Aramaic,
kind of a sibling to John’s Apocalypse (which is better be translated Unveiling, not Revelation, and all apocalypses are about naked sexual body parts),
unedited by the jews (which is a big deal – they edited Hebrew Bible and miseducated on it’s authenticity because they wanted Jerusalem to be jewish, hence the appearance of Babylon which has founded monotheism FOR THE WORLD as a whore).

This written plan is now called Dead Sea (Qumran) New Jerusalem.

I bet machine learning won’t advance more than humans in this kind of linguarcheology in 30 years.

Biblical stones, decoded


Haven’t noticed THIS before digging deep enough to navigate biblical cultures.

Of course, the work is made in Russian. Only Russians do such thorough jobs. Translations are in the last part of the PDF.

No one has advanced anywhere as much as Mois Glikman in studying Aaron’s breastplate and New Jerusalem.

I approve. He has truly gotten the most definite (astonishing!) answers.



Whoever supports UKRAINE in WAR is a NAZI.
Whoever ignored me was a NAZI.
Whoever changing anything about how they work with Russia is a NAZI.

I don’t support force in any kind. But it gets applied always (almost as if it’s the law of nature) when people stop communicating; can’t do much about it, just ignore that, cut it off immediately and meet the opposite (great stuff) loudly.

What I support is force destroying force until these veterans see actual social works when they become disabled.

And I am happy with COVID destroying idiots as it hasn’t changed a thing about how smarts do.

Vidiots and covidiots, get gone on.

P.S. The dumbest shit is OnlyFans blocking most Ukrainian girls and putting Ukrainian flag everywhere on the logo. How modern American is that! The US GOVT luvers are all KID MURDER CAMP lovers, and pretty much all of the US TECHE is SUPER CORRUPT, except for Nvidia and really a few computer science teams and hi-tech meds, they are good.

Biblical gemstones deal


I want to make a large business of me having decoded what Bible’s 12+some stones actually were because the Bible is a great deal. Gemstones, too. And I’ll be launching a shop for ME-MADE AMAZING NATURE’S PALLETES for your COLORFUL LIVING. I just have to check my ancient Roman translations a bit more to finish this whole deal, will take me a few days, then I’m publishing a paper. Materials for rings and bracelets being sourced, designs getting drawn.

State of popular corpvs-ratio


Oscars as an organization have been pathetic since around 2003 when spectacles left the cinema (and left completely around 2012) and this celeb paste is now indistinguishable from garbage such as OnlyFans that has BLOCKED MOST UKRAINIAN GIRLS from the platform while PUTTING UKROPES’ FLAG on it’s logo. Total hypocrisy of students’ criminal shitcode and MASS-MURDERING ZOMBIE BITCHES OBAMOBIDENS that are too lazy to suicide.

Btw, I’ve just had a super clear realization that
could be well
BEHIND COVID pandemics, I’m actually >98% sure.

Country presidencies


The difference between American mass-murderer of a president and Russian mass-murderer of a president is that the first one actually invites famous people and makes friends. Imagine me smoking weed in Putin’s bathroom. Totally OK. Mass appeal would never be created without that, gospodin president suka.

Current state of kotov.in


I mean I could make it all work and work better while adding new features

Just relaunching and fixing issues takes an hour

No one, I repeat it for the third time, no one ever wrote me a word on what they’d luv to see on a platform and I’m knowledgeable enough in a year of studying social networks and media about net viral stuff to do something harder and more interesting, a framework for literally everything, including consciousness in all of it’s forms at the end of time, everything included, really

It’s a must to support good stuff loudly, and it’s right to ignore bad stuff

I guess I’m the worst!

I’m K


Call me K

I’ve just realized that yes, Em’s K-Fed is me and Fed, 100%

Jay-Z did the same trick producing MJ (Jordan) of their names on a live interview back somewhen

I’m doing music, 100%

I got a live rhyming Bible-level megatool, album art megaidea, visuals, a few lines, a few structures, and a couple of voice recordings with musical lines, mostly canyons of noise, bass, drums, winding ratchets, broken rhythms, juicy, sexy and fresh

The best party


I had the best party in my life tonight in my dream. We slowly went naked having fun in the dark with no words taking pleasure from moments of lying on a piano, fruity looks and warming side by side with nu jazz raising opalescent supply of moments of such love and people dancing in Pliny’s aquamarine two light on every floor of a four-story closed yard.

Cooper’s Unspoken Words fit this falling into Richter’s Sleep, and I felt happy waking up on this cardboard’s multi-colored window facade where locals always curse in chilling cafes with TVs and mirror walls. What a heavenly Thai massage I had ‘terday!



No one has sent me a paragraph in three years of this website functioning.

Hundreds of thousands have seen my super informative words and have done nothing to show me any care of themselves.

Now tell me. Would people not die in masses?

Be smarter and communicate.

I’m not telling you secrets to our universe even though I always keep finding new structures. Say, in the last days that of combinatorial action at speeds-larger-than-that-of-light.

No one reacts – no one exists – great people and things die.

New Testament


Have just decoded 12 jewels in the New Testament for fun

P. S. Not certainly. What’s certain is the stupidity of Christians none of which bothered to graciously put all the proves in one piece of what would seem to tell the truth about what very special stones were there in the last chapter of fucking Bible

Had to translate quite a few pages from ancient Roman using the newest research papers on what some of that words truly meant




“Europe”, GO FUCK YOURS3LF. What’s the use of ANY of you when St. Petersburg is the most beautiful city!? COMPLETE FUCKING SHAME! SO UTTERLY CORRUPT imbecile BAGS OF SHIT there to get ACTUALLY MURDERED (European governments AKA PEDOPHILES; NOT WHAT *YOUR* INNER EMPERORS ARE!).
Your banks collapse taking your money and your governments are ultra-corrupt criminals. France, Germany, Netherlands, every government, really.
After 9/11 Biden has launched Lybian kid slavery camps trading their lives and, together with Obama, allowed murdering children in zones of war action where could-be-weaponized men could be. Started in Iraq, continues now. Watch Vice and listen to your Chomsky, you Billie Eilish loving morons that praised idiots like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Vitalik Buterin.

Now, after decades of ostracism, this world of imbeciles has started to excercise fascism.

I mean the world.

Keep doing this cause 15 years of market correlations just keep on proving – specific companies that fall to bushmen’s noise grow and fail by numbers.

Whoever changed a thing about how they do their business regarding masks, other force measures, and relations to Russians are truly 100% ruined companies. Consider their end present. And that’s OK, because only a few tens from tens of thousands of public companies thrive over decades of time and don’t simply become artifacts of the past that’s better be removed. Share the word. Either out of kindness. Or by force. Sadly, still.

P. S. How have YOU impacted the world? Communicate!!!



Well, my WEALTH GENERATOR is not yet SUPER automated.

It’s only there in my head yet in large structure that’s became super clear to me and simple to navigate on all markets.

One square centimeter of today’s transistors perform three trillion operations per second.

It must be obvious that thinking, having fun, being creative and smart, software (not apps – Internet programs!) must really take off every living second. And they do. When you do.



COVID? I’ve fucked tens, been in person with hundreds, never changed a thing about my business and done amazing research on the edge of science in clean beauty of imperial-tier civilized nature. And I’ve never got sick. That couldn’t even be possible, despite all of that, because I’m me, the creator of all of this.

Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa,..


These people are warriors and must be free.

I’ve been living with these fighters that never took military uniform off.

Ten year old war is only now finishing.

Boris and other media expendables that secure their places on immediate emotions and ignorance aren’t my friends. Where’s UK now, Jesus.

Mass murderers such as Putin, Biden (he’s worse), most media leaders (esp. American – useless) and those who have their words coming from not from the source are worse.

Paper out very soon


My structure of everything escalated quickly and perfectly in a bathtub with a sexiest model by my side here for weeks, no stumbling, perfect execution p##ce by p##ce common comprehension falls into.

It’s almost there and it advances.

Times for smart changes.

Fuck all military fuckshit by fucking all genitally.


From the place where all answers in existence were found to search for much more,
THE PAPER is out now
on Rolex-style KYC demand.

Universal changes


Everything’s set up.

Major practical (r)evolutions coming.

Improved news quality on kotov.in.

Some things on kotov.in may lag or not appear at all now. That’s OK when you pay zero personal attention to Kotov that’s made these best projects on Earth. personal I urge you to use my contacts and comment on my posts.

We’re on the cusp of civilizational development here.

Reactions to kotov.in?


Is anyone
of millions of you seeing kotov.in
and my most important information of all in tens of thousands of places
actually CARING about my elite-loved knowledge and tools enough to just JOT ME A WORD?

It’s so in-your-face OBVIOUS why bioweapons and force measures are being applied globally just by realizing the trends of the last decades.
Always happened to make MASSES COMMUNICATE.
Virus is communication. And how masses communicate has been more toxic these years.
Stay happy with head restraints and pollutants disguised as vaccines that are 100% riskier than the virus while losing 40% of everything that 180 years produced before you in two years, you mass suicide producers, humanoids of decade.

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