Looking for talents


I’m only interested in hardcore fans

And I’m looking for, preparing and launching young talents

Jot me (this link’s about me)

P.S. We won’t do business with Russians (it’s not possible)

P.P.S. I’ve successfully tested this on Tinder girls and I’m thinking about adding likes/dislikes & MASH system everywhere

P.P.P.S. I’m also preparing a programming language for the complete structure of the universe that I’ve discovered – for maximum possible efficiency in all applications

О сексе и не только


Я начал вести телеграм-канал “700 ДАМ” о сексе и не только.

Подписывайтесь и делитесь, но помните, что Дуров дурак и агент народоубийц, ФСБ.

Он навещал конкретно меня больше шести раз в любопытные события моей жизни. Каждому должно быть очевидно, что он работает на спецслужбы/банкстеров.

Why IN?


Why IN?

Because being enthusiatic as hell is more important than localization, organization or anything.

When we the family share something when it’s Russian, the thing must matter for real.

Let’s be in!

What I inspired


The most recent videos directly inspired by me, to name just a few

(study words I use in my blog on kotov.in and get these)

(vk.com/believe has been my page for more than a decade, and yes, I made that happen)

(one seven-figure mogul said to me that there was only one thing that drove Russians, опасность)

(I’ve been worried about chemicals Russians do spread everywhere now to poisons masses)

(ellipsoid is a solution to my famous grey head problem; Billie liked what I commented on YouTube, copied my ex’ style 100% and maybe was there with an inspiration for “my future”)

And I’m proud of one of my top 5 directors, Gus Van Sant, that has directed these seven clips –

“Something that never ended” is an idea I shared about each moment reflecting all future outcomes to those involved in shaping it, therefore making inputs really matter when they are as eternal as it gets.

Build the eternal.

The last blog update


I’ve known written English before Russian, much else besides. I’ve never been Russian, >99,9% of whom are anti-trustworthy (98% correctness is easily achievable for an educaled man to tell the truth from lies), and >80% of visitors here are native English speakers.

I’m removing this blog in coming weeks.

No real reaction – get nothing.

All tools here will be subscription-based.

I must be more focused on my General Structure of the Universe now, the book is getting ready.

Jewelry soon


What a glorious moment in time!

I saw the most fundamental geometry with my inner vision again the other evening while having another amazing Thai spa.

What I have is the hottest frying pan on Earth now.

Dangerous? In various forms. Doesn’t matter. I want to petrify this moment in JEWELRY I’m designing today. By studying what made the best of it, as always. And by having taste.

Toroids like RINGS are truly fundamental to everything that makes our world.

All letters feel like carved and shining on championship rings now – rings of maybe the best shape, too often too huge and not very elegant though.

Big tech holocaust

00:09  ⚘1

I’ve had sex with more than twenty girls in just the last six months.

Only two of them were met in Tinder that I’ve recently hacked (like all big “social” “networks”, like 1-2) immediately gaining access to public data (incl. locations) of millions of girls.

Such bugs are always on the surface – corporations leave them to trade user data “legally”.

Instagram is truly 100% a scrapyard. Telegram and VK are idiotic & lying FSB services. Facebook is losing on every front. Google sells your personal data.

Don’t use social networks, use me.

Brian Keating mentioned the Model


Brian Keating has just started his conversation with Julian Barbour by mentioning /0 of my Model of the Universe, and these are two of the best physicists in the world!

A historical moment of appreciation and awareness for the whole humanity

The Book of Sins


My industrial-grade human & business trustworthiness framework is having a massive upgrade for protocols, incl. all meta-, and actual state of global surveillance

Beta map, id network and access are granted for a generous submission

All people’s behaviors can be improved to the utmost using all available media and all sorts of tools with zero unease right now

Model clear!!


Eureka! It struck me for the eternity right now. >70% of all of living beings’ lives just appeared as clearly as possible in my mind. So brilliant and amazing! The whole universe suddenly becomes crystal clear, as clear as our perceptions of it, to two year olds! In fact, yes, I see how everything is being shaped as it is in the clearest and 100% absolutely the rightest way, the way it truly goes. Everything is so simple!! And I already nail basically the whole description in minutes!!

Basically, I found the only rightest way to connect all actual and possible living bodies’ shapes, behaviors and evolutions with their DNA, metamathematics, geometries of bodies, incl. cosmic, physics, etc.

P. S. I must thank Pavel Durov (still 100% an FSB agent and a mass murderer) for how he rotated his head when with me. This drove the insight.

Model’s zero indeterminacy


I think I’ve just reduced
the indeterminacy

This means yes,
I can explain exactly WHY and HOW EVERYTHING on ALL SCALES comes out of NOTHING precisely as it appears in ANY UNIVERSE (incl. ours)
(and this implies metamathematics and ACTUAL physics)

and put PERFECTLY ANYTHING to work *THIS way.

The MOST GENERAL 300+ parts FRAMEWORK is getting designed. How should I call it? Days are left.

You can help me to build it, jot me to apply.

The TOOL will achieve UTMOSTLY the BEST possible performance, scalability and sustainability of ANY entity it will be applied to.



Worship math?
Know English freely?
Absolutize life and health?
Believe that we can do everything together with me?
Need nothing but working equipment?
Speak clearly and loudly?
Share the best you have and accept all gratitude?
Read a lot of books and science papers?
Are always a partner and never a kid or a parent?
Realize that you are not absolutely the thing you appear to be?
Fearless, courageous, persistent?
Studied and fell in luv with everything on kotov.in?
Curious as hell about me and your interests?
Work hard every living hour on what’s the utmost must?
Have no smartphone distracting you from being here and now?
Respectful and knowing etiquette in general?
Realizing that devices are here for city planning around them?
Communicative and open-minded?
Spend less than 19 minutes a day on social networks?
Don’t consider yourself a Russian?
Care about your trustworthiness?
Have absolutely all notifications off? (OK, but maybe a few)

Then we may do well together.

Any no to any of these questions means we won’t communicate.



St. P. fails every time I try to meaningfully spend $20 or more randomly, this is crazy

Almost whole human civilization is so cringy



I’m producing a BOOK on
. my ultimate model of the universe,
. our consciousness and civilizational development,
. and our future,
together with never-endingly consistent series of LIVE THINKING and CODING events that’ll be transcribed into the book and science papers
in coming months.

P.S. I’ve been emotional lately because that’s how temperatures over 21°C affect me.

Model, basically


Discussed modeling the universe today

Here I’ve disclosed the basic ideas of my setup in the chat

UPDATE. It’s being discussed and used in Wolfram language as metamathemical model



I won’t vax cause 1) govts, media, banksters and this cheap pharma are the worst scumbags of Earth 2) this whole covid situation is such a mad, mad, mad, mad shame and WW2 x200, and you MUST STAND UP for your RIGHT, you LIVES, your HEALTH and the TRUTH which people acting as idiots want to erase 3) vax are riskier to people under 50 which are smart and never changed their activity in response to bioviruses during these years cause nothing changed.

As you could notice, I ignore everything vax and covids. And I still get the best info for the reasons you see everywhere on kotov.in

Big tech


Telegram 100% is a service of banksters = special services, an associate of Microsoft, super badly thought out and coded (just like whole Google).

They really did allow me to know that right now for whatever reason.

Just like they (Google and Brin personally) made me see them hacking my devices.

And showed me how to hack everyone’s VK (actually, I found that out myself).

Many miracles 99,999% of you won’t believe in besides.

All Wi-Fi credentials are publicly available and hackable for accessing basically all of your accounts, what you see on your screen, etc.

All devices under MS Windows and Android are 100% hackable even when often thought to be physically turned off

Big teche’s policies and bugs are being carefully put there for a legal reason to trade personal data in details that are hard to imagine, and even state police uses that with zero accordance to what is thought to be the law even based on prime judges’ public comments

Also, big tech has backdoors for banksters = special services. And they fool around and mess things up on the maddest scale. Everything juridical is a theater. They shape your quantum realities much beyond how you interact with them and your own brain. The universe is super simple. Shaping clouds in a super detailed manner? Not a big deal. You could do this with your mind at least a decade ago already. 100% really. And you would know had you been curious with me.

Quantum entanglement


Just linked quantum entanglement to it’s visual representation (on circles, of course)

Yes, that’s the most ultimate base, explained in the best way possible for any consciousness

I’m so fast you can only help me by actively reacting in math while I’m thinking

Model videos


THE UNIVERSE IS A DONUT, that’s one of the very first effects of the ultimate axiom of physics. This must be obvious to everyone. No physicist seems to get it now.

Contact me (you’ll have to introduce yourself well) for one-hour video explaining in all details WHY and HOW the universe works at all levels and HOW to do anything in absolutely the easiest manner.

I’ve made an incredible number of discoveries already.

It totally really is absolutely 100% the largest leap of the mankind, and you can be a part of it RIGHT NOW.

The model is precise and ready, and it has zero flaws. It links everything from HOW the very first quants of time actualize themselves to WHY all living beings are shaped like this with all skeletons, proportions, symmetries, angles, organs and behaviors.

I’m working on the framework for this and all tools ever possible now.

And no, you can’t hack it.

About me


About me

I would never want to know how some superstar would react to any situation


Update on my superscience activity: YOU WON’T NEED ANY CODING SOON

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