Bitcoin isn’t people’s money now


Jack Dorsey truly is a racist pro-nazist supporter of mass destruction – this is how his algos actually work – and my bots track the whole website constantly

Bitcoin isn’t people’s money now. Twitter, banks, dollar debt, and FAAG nazis (an absolute cartel) use it for their bank accounts instead of promoting actual money tech tools. Horrible how they use Nigerian shootings for the benefits we won’t allow them to have.

Explore cryptocurrencies by reading many books and documentations, studying their usage, and coding (cryptocurrencies are the simplest sphere of coding).

Twitter & FAAG cryptocurrency joke publicity neither knows a thing about cryptosec, nor do they share the best solutions, except for a few superstars such as Andreas Antonopolous, Roger Ver, Jeff Berwick, and Jameson Lopp, only exposed there just because, which is being used by nazi platforms as ads for their ongoing global heist wave. 90% of bitcoin inflows are institutional now.

Remember, do this. The last 15 years are condensed here.

Media is getting born now as info is getting free, complex and user-oriented, and old nazist platforms are going down now quickly. Minds, Steem, Flote, Gab, Weedtube, LBRY, etc. are good.

* * *

Twitter deleted my account with tens of thousands of all utmost informative tweets and wanted to destroy the second at the same time with no explanations TODAY.

They destroyed my login data for the third account in June leaving all data there unchangable for me now. They ignore your rights on your content. Same nazi govt-bankster cartel methods. Murder them out of all possibilities to exist.

Also, Facebook told me specifically that my credentials were stolen, which is impossible, and demanded my phone number TODAY ALSO.

And this is what’s trending all over Twitter the whole day, many hashtags, tens % growth in minutes, all day. Dorsey is getting a subpoena as a criminal. He is an idiot. And effectively doesn’t exist.

Remember – this is all a distraction. Parasidencies don’t shape markets. Xi’s did a bit two years ago when he proclaimed himself the one who has an unlimited power upon all people on Earth and that his presidency would end with his death. Have you heard of it? I doubt it.

What they do now is use lockdowns to establish bank seizures of properties in places with zero of their governance without even being there. Facebook and Apple never did anything for any developments of scientifically secure communications, that is computers in general. The cartel tries to be worse than bolshevist or nazist. And it falls like invisible mountains (of shit).

* * *

And so the dead died again.

By the way, even games aren’t there in numbers now.
No medium but pure video tech is seen. And infosec.

P.S. So the twitter part of KOTOV.IN is as it is now.

I’m the king of info tech.

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$TWTR fell down 20% yesterday.
A few hours ago DHS Acting Secretary said Twitter’s Censorship “Endangered National Security” –