Model videos


THE UNIVERSE IS A DONUT, that’s one of the very first effects of the ultimate axiom of physics. This must be obvious to everyone. No physicist seems to get it now.

Contact me (you’ll have to introduce yourself well) for one-hour video explaining in all details WHY and HOW the universe works at all levels and HOW to do anything in absolutely the easiest manner.

I’ve made an incredible number of discoveries already.

It totally really is absolutely 100% the largest leap of the mankind, and you can be a part of it RIGHT NOW.

The model is precise and ready, and it has zero flaws. It links everything from HOW the very first quants of time actualize themselves to WHY all living beings are shaped like this with all skeletons, proportions, symmetries, angles, organs and behaviors.

I’m working on the framework for this and all tools ever possible now.

And no, you can’t hack it.