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The Model of the Universe is a Trip that may take your whole life
Your brain’s only healthy when it’s constantly seeking

I thought out how our visual field, continuum, and everything ever receiving photons are structured creating everything in existence & how to allocate any info there as the universe does

I realized what’s in the second most fundamental axiom (m * x * v > Planck constant) in terms of
1) holographic principle, supersymmetry, supersupersymmetry (that of chronoquants – the first axiom) & what creates the three-symmetry & those fundamental particles
2) finances & why my simplest etho-correlationist research nailed it so hhhard since October 2019 (and Covid – a Nietzschean question + me being responsible & knowing the truest core structures of the universe)

Also, envisioned my whole number time series infrastructure with frameworks for the most informative visualizations possible

Tonnes of content soon, “A” SHOW


And I just realized how all four supersymmetries are aligned amazingly perfectly with how we perceive it all in three dimensions


Clearly I also do know this minute how spinors are to be perceived everything-else-less, why mass and charge are what they are (out of that same process that started it all) and why everything’s perceived even that number of N-flashes before Euler’s identity gets built up the way it is and time appears

I’m being the most adequate person on Earth now by definition of adequacy


And I only got why momentums are (Euler’s zero-before-infinity “are”) “fractals” *now* (and why not only Mandelbrot but also his set matters in finance – secants in circles represent vectors for assets)


I can communicate all these insights & fully cointegrated world views, parts and sides of the Model (that does place you hard in the center of it all), etc. in super clear and definitive human language

Imagine infinite numbers of inventions, researches & vectors of hard work described by me in details


I made a tool to visualize the “yesterday” thing yesterday and got a few absolutely incredible insights on why our organs are shaped like that & are of such sizes at different scales.

This will go far with further thinking & combining my frameworks here.