BEWARE of girls’
“Why can’t you just be okay?
You’re such an ice breaker, oh no.
Why can’t you just be led astray?”
This is real female violence, cruelty and tortures with hair, guts and blood, and women are the most anti-anarchist creatures on Earth, where they spend 80% of all resources while men gain 80%.
There really are women that would rather incarcerate the hell out of shit, get nuts & die in debts at 32 – and there are zero men like that.
Many women still rape whole lives of men out of nothing, and the fact this still happens must be acknowledged, because the solution that these women block themselves from – to NOT HAVE FEAR TO BE SMART & KIND – exists & spreads around.
P.S. But I feel women were better musicians in the last years or a decade :)
Setting a stage (sound makes that) is what’s always here & now (a female thing)