World now


Methods such as violence have been used for a long time, and there are those willing to benefit from it because it wastes seemingly no resources while granting them their fake benefits.

Think about animal rights and how they cut trees instead of using bamboo and cannabis.
Believing in animal rights and in anti-ecocide is believing in the the real progress of humanity and in human rights to live in love and prosperity.

But that agents of violence quickly decided that competition won’t benefit them so they worked together to indoctrinate people into believing in non-violence of violence – using violence.

How do we fight this?

Don’t use their money. Go completely the opposite way.
Shut their mouths immediately.
Tell them who they are.
And become one family of love, creativity, awareness and truth ourselves.

Go vegan and undo pesticides and save Earth that is now being destroyed by 99% of money going into agriculture (cattle & defoliants).

Their plan was to murder billions somewhere around their retirement, and their retirement funds contain just around ~$30K for each human being almost everywhere in the world now (except for Singapore and maybe a couple more countries).

This is the murder of the humankind and of Earth beyond imaginable.

Antarctica is now 20 degrees Celcius (68 F)!
70% of Australia is in smoke and the sky is red tens of kilometres away from the shores.

Going vegan, bitcoin and allocating space around is the actual solution.

It’s either life
or death.