Biblical studies finished


Proudly revealing the fact that I’ve gone the furtherst in deducing biblical stones.

It all fits together, and no one has gotten there and shown how and what it meant.

It feels very much like biblical stories are encoded together with gemological meanings of these words that originally described many ideas and characteristics seemingly to help us navigate paths of languages and history and get closer to the truth of how to understand the beauty of our nature.

It actually looks like languages and history explored and depleted capabilities of each other while artists and writers carried global scientific awareness along. And priesthoods, their interests and traditions, and many petals of whirlwinds of history were super important for this purpose.

I must publish a paper. You’ll see the beautiful patterns ancients used while shuffling these twelve words. Soon! JEWELRY TO BUY, too.

P.S. Not a single test fails. Each time words and assosiations used by ancients turn out to be perfect.