Big tech


Telegram 100% is a service of banksters = special services, an associate of Microsoft, super badly thought out and coded (just like whole Google).

They really did allow me to know that right now for whatever reason.

Just like they (Google and Brin personally) made me see them hacking my devices.

And showed me how to hack everyone’s VK (actually, I found that out myself).

Many miracles 99,999% of you won’t believe in besides.

All Wi-Fi credentials are publicly available and hackable for accessing basically all of your accounts, what you see on your screen, etc.

All devices under MS Windows and Android are 100% hackable even when often thought to be physically turned off

Big teche’s policies and bugs are being carefully put there for a legal reason to trade personal data in details that are hard to imagine, and even state police uses that with zero accordance to what is thought to be the law even based on prime judges’ public comments

Also, big tech has backdoors for banksters = special services. And they fool around and mess things up on the maddest scale. Everything juridical is a theater. They shape your quantum realities much beyond how you interact with them and your own brain. The universe is super simple. Shaping clouds in a super detailed manner? Not a big deal. You could do this with your mind at least a decade ago already. 100% really. And you would know had you been curious with me.