BIG UPDATE. I’ve found a giga structure close to how humans communicate. With all structures of any parameters, measurable or not, categories and neighborships appearing in them as simply and truly as possible. The resulting framework will combine my new framework of the most perfect communication using existing and all new tools that’ll ever be made, financial MASH for anything desired and desired to be shared, a market with all forms of financial communications, and much else; integrity, scaleability and stability to the highest.

All such discoveries are being made on really as few as one, two or three mega ideas.
Thanks to Jordan Peterson for popularizing one for this one.
Another thanks to Tarkovsky for amazing thoughts on inherent structures.
And I’m always thankful to Terence McKenna for being on a level of adequacy amazingly higher than anyone else’s about almost everything, really.

I’m not yet feeling myself receiving enough feedback and constituents for my hardcore thinking setup for me to combine 300 parts of my giga framework of everything in the universe in its truest (with code, software, protocol design, papers and books) and for us to aggresively popularize my mega discovery of complete structure of the universe
because I’m always thinking about the most important parts of this framework and I’ve been mostly focused on immediate revolution that’ll be made by my mega pragmatic thoughtwork and analyses on truly the most mindblowingly human datasets I ever met that I’ve recently discovered and by my research of tools maximally close to humans and communication with the very globally transformative ones at the base of my new designs. My tools will actually change the world in an even much, much more powerful and ethical fashion.

On this path I’ve set up:

  • a framework for quickly automatizing anything and for botwork with absolutely zero possible crashes
  • a framework for quick data gathering and processing and a framework for web platform generation based on any data
  • a business for production of any physical goods of basic materials with absolutization of creativity at the very core of the process with a path to automatize model generation based on a few questions about shapes, personality, goals and impressions with many answers able to be found without even asking soon (I’m starting with rings as rings build the very structure of almost everything in the universe and are probably the closest to pure products of creativity when talking about decorating our human bodies)
  • things I’ve mentioned in the first paragraph

ALL this in the last three days.

And this. So perfect.

P.S. Selena Gomez can ask mathematicians in a manner that is better than the one that her significant others had