No one will ever go Johnny Depp against whoever made the case against me happen in 2017.

30% of the incarcerated in Russia and the US are there because of fabrications made by the global criminal cartel of banksters and governments. 30%.

This hatred of whoever plays the role of your savior must stop, all mechanisms of such allegations destroyed, police must be kept in shit-eating position, walk knee-deep in their own feces for weeks, their directors’ pets murdered. I’ve made hundreds of pigs eat flesh-eating bacterias and chemicals and told them that in the face, and they did nothing. Ruin their health and lives and let them know. There are simple methods of murdering their families that we will use. Fists of people like me will be kept above head causing thousands to scream and destroy. Whoever ignores the issue is evil for their trapping mentality never work as much as kindness (that requires imbecility and evildoing to be flushed from deep under pigs’ feces of faces). Fight on, harder, and make more people warriors. Until time comes. I have never paid a single tax and never will. Work upon going further in groups larger. More and more heroes join our party each day.