My personal dashboard has all the most shared from all social networks, plus my lever tools. I can comment on anything there, and this note will be sent out to all sharers. I haven’t used that much since I started BLM, NFT movement (not art) and failed with PureCycle cause I was bored. And larger investments are better.

As all industrial-grade solutions such as social networks, it’s all Python scripts in home directory and lots of folders. Sometimes PHP, quite some Javascript, jQuery, CSS and HTML. And a bit of MySQL. I believe that working with file systems is better than SQL even for the largest networks.

Meanwhile, it’s big media that is all bugged and sometimes hacked majorly by me, anti-trustworthy and broken. Their own terms and major laws violators!

It’s hard to keep interest in fixing my bits and doing more great tools and analyses for you instead of swimming in math of the universe without your basic personal responses to me, you know.

Even five minute fixes. So drained out without human energy, maybe my only source of my utterly useful original scientific thinking now.