“Europe”, GO FUCK YOURS3LF. What’s the use of ANY of you when St. Petersburg is the most beautiful city!? COMPLETE FUCKING SHAME! SO UTTERLY CORRUPT imbecile BAGS OF SHIT there to get ACTUALLY MURDERED (European governments AKA PEDOPHILES; NOT WHAT *YOUR* INNER EMPERORS ARE!).
Your banks collapse taking your money and your governments are ultra-corrupt criminals. France, Germany, Netherlands, every government, really.
After 9/11 Biden has launched Lybian kid slavery camps trading their lives and, together with Obama, allowed murdering children in zones of war action where could-be-weaponized men could be. Started in Iraq, continues now. Watch Vice and listen to your Chomsky, you Billie Eilish loving morons that praised idiots like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Vitalik Buterin.

Now, after decades of ostracism, this world of imbeciles has started to excercise fascism.

I mean the world.

Keep doing this cause 15 years of market correlations just keep on proving – specific companies that fall to bushmen’s noise grow and fail by numbers.

Whoever changed a thing about how they do their business regarding masks, other force measures, and relations to Russians are truly 100% ruined companies. Consider their end present. And that’s OK, because only a few tens from tens of thousands of public companies thrive over decades of time and don’t simply become artifacts of the past that’s better be removed. Share the word. Either out of kindness. Or by force. Sadly, still.

P. S. How have YOU impacted the world? Communicate!!!