Model clear!!


Eureka! It struck me for the eternity right now. >70% of all of living beings’ lives just appeared as clearly as possible in my mind. So brilliant and amazing! The whole universe suddenly becomes crystal clear, as clear as our perceptions of it, to two year olds! In fact, yes, I see how everything is being shaped as it is in the clearest and 100% absolutely the rightest way, the way it truly goes. Everything is so simple!! And I already nail basically the whole description in minutes!!

Basically, I found the only rightest way to connect all actual and possible living bodies’ shapes, behaviors and evolutions with their DNA, metamathematics, geometries of bodies, incl. cosmic, physics, etc.

P. S. I must thank Pavel Durov (still 100% an FSB agent and a mass murderer) for how he rotated his head when with me. This drove the insight.