Whoever supports UKRAINE in WAR is a NAZI.
Whoever ignored me was a NAZI.
Whoever changing anything about how they work with Russia is a NAZI.

I don’t support force in any kind. But it gets applied always (almost as if it’s the law of nature) when people stop communicating; can’t do much about it, just ignore that, cut it off immediately and meet the opposite (great stuff) loudly.

What I support is force destroying force until these veterans see actual social works when they become disabled.

And I am happy with COVID destroying idiots as it hasn’t changed a thing about how smarts do.

Vidiots and covidiots, get gone on.

P.S. The dumbest shit is OnlyFans blocking most Ukrainian girls and putting Ukrainian flag everywhere on the logo. How modern American is that! The US GOVT luvers are all KID MURDER CAMP lovers, and pretty much all of the US TECHE is SUPER CORRUPT, except for Nvidia and really a few computer science teams and hi-tech meds, they are good.