What I inspired


The most recent videos directly inspired by me, to name just a few

(study words I use in my blog on kotov.in and get these)

(vk.com/believe has been my page for more than a decade, and yes, I made that happen)

(one seven-figure mogul said to me that there was only one thing that drove Russians, опасность)

(I’ve been worried about chemicals Russians do spread everywhere now to poison masses)

(ellipsoid is a solution to my famous grey head problem; Billie liked what I commented on YouTube, copied my ex’ style 100% and maybe was there to get inspired for “my future”)

And I’m proud of one of my top 5 cinematographers, Gus Van Sant, that has directed these seven clips –

“Something that never ended” is an idea I shared about each moment reflecting all future outcomes to those involved in shaping them, therefore making inputs really matter when they are as eternal as it gets.

Build the eternal.