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St. P. fails every time I try to meaningfully spend $20 or more randomly, this is crazy

Almost whole human civilization is so cringy



I’m producing a BOOK on
. my ultimate model of the universe,
. our consciousness and civilizational development,
. and our future,
together with never-endingly consistent series of LIVE THINKING and CODING events that’ll be transcribed into the book and science papers
in coming months.

P.S. I’ve been emotional lately because that’s how temperatures over 21°C affect me.

Model, basically


Discussed modeling the universe today

Here I’ve disclosed the basic ideas of my setup in the chat

UPDATE. It’s being discussed and used in Wolfram language as metamathemical model



I won’t vax cause 1) govts, media, banksters and this cheap pharma are the worst scumbags of Earth 2) this whole covid situation is such a mad, mad, mad, mad shame and WW2 x200, and you MUST STAND UP for your RIGHT, you LIVES, your HEALTH and the TRUTH which people acting as idiots want to erase 3) vax are riskier to people under 50 which are smart and never changed their activity in response to bioviruses during these years cause nothing changed.

As you could notice, I ignore everything vax and covids. And I still get the best info for the reasons you see everywhere on kotov.in

Big tech


Telegram 100% is a service of banksters = special services, an associate of Microsoft, super badly thought out and coded (just like whole Google).

They really did allow me to know that right now for whatever reason.

Just like they (Google and Brin personally) made me see them hacking my devices.

And showed me how to hack everyone’s VK (actually, I found that out myself).

Many miracles 99,999% of you won’t believe in besides.

All Wi-Fi credentials are publicly available and hackable for accessing basically all of your accounts, what you see on your screen, etc.

All devices under MS Windows and Android are 100% hackable even when often thought to be physically turned off

Big teche’s policies and bugs are being carefully put there for a legal reason to trade personal data in details that are hard to imagine, and even state police uses that with zero accordance to what is thought to be the law even based on prime judges’ public comments

Also, big tech has backdoors for banksters = special services. And they fool around and mess things up on the maddest scale. Everything juridical is a theater. They shape your quantum realities much beyond how you interact with them and your own brain. The universe is super simple. Shaping clouds in a super detailed manner? Not a big deal. You could do this with your mind at least a decade ago already. 100% really. And you would know had you been curious with me.

Quantum entanglement


Just linked quantum entanglement to it’s visual representation (on circles, of course)

Yes, that’s the most ultimate base, explained in the best way possible for any consciousness

I’m so fast you can only help me by actively reacting in math while I’m thinking

Model videos


THE UNIVERSE IS A DONUT, that’s one of the very first effects of the ultimate axiom of physics. This must be obvious to everyone. No physicist seems to get it now.

Contact me (you’ll have to introduce yourself well) for one-hour video explaining in all details WHY and HOW the universe works at all levels and HOW to do anything in absolutely the easiest manner.

I’ve made an incredible number of discoveries already.

It totally really is absolutely 100% the largest leap of the mankind, and you can be a part of it RIGHT NOW.

The model is precise and ready, and it has zero flaws. It links everything from HOW the very first quants of time actualize themselves to WHY all living beings are shaped like this with all skeletons, proportions, symmetries, angles, organs and behaviors.

I’m working on the framework for this and all tools ever possible now.

And no, you can’t hack it.

About me


About me

I would never want to know how some superstar would react to any situation


Update on my superscience activity: YOU WON’T NEED ANY CODING SOON

Do psychedelics now!


Nothing here would even exist without psychedelics

Missing out on using them and missing out on talking about them is ignoring insights most fundamental to understanding how everything in our universe works at the core

Do acid now!



What a rollout

Coldplay has been one of my favorite bands for 15 years. It’s the only band whose releases I anticipate all the time, and I’m glad I feel our connection.

Such a bliss. Notice how waves and frequencies transcend into each other.

McKenna’s aliens


Terrence McKenna thought out everything we now perceive as ALIENS before 1970

Pretty much absolutely nothing about aliens except for his and my thoughts make sense now

Masses misinterpreted a lot of his explanations the way he predicted, and sometimes he obviously fooled around, but his view of the structure of the universe and all of his serious thoughts were extremely on point at least structurally


22:55  ⚘2

So fed up with banksters like Durov still trying to hack my messengers

We live in an ugly fake economy

I used to lose some $7000 in seconds on other markets a year ago and we respected each other

Now, the absolute death of humanity aside, the worst kind of communism is going on on NYSE right now

I won’t support this America, and I’ve just watched drive-around videos, and I know how the US performs, NO!

The final answers to the most fundamental axioms


Just found a marvelous way of explaining the MOST FUNDAMENTAL AXIOMS and STRUCTURE of the truest physics of the UNIVERSE
using quantum Fourier series and that the derivative is the opposite of the boundary

So many new amazing answers for me myself now!

Mega info-dense ARTICLES out SOON

VIDEOS OUT in Russian & available on demand:
. my discovery of the Amazing Model of the Universe (#AMU from now);
. visual field & my mega findings there;
. scales, angles, and symmetries of living bodies, the next Vitruvian Man;
. how brains work;
. city, civilizational and behavioral science.

I can also help you with
. business & tech.

Greet the first aliens

23:43  ⚘1

Greet one of the first true aliens.

It’s May the 4th. Easter in Russia.

I’ll always do what’s the most useful for eternity & no one compares in my lifetime.

Everything in existence is formed around such eggs.

The framework is here.


07:03  ⚘1

None of what we made as a civilization would’ve ever been made without psychedelics

That’s always been the blood and the water of any advancement

And thank you, dear visitors, for using Mash and other services of mine that make our lives the sweetest

Dasein & Scale

00:23  ⚘1

I’m as close as possible to solving everything Dasein & scale.

It’s crystal clear to me why our eyes & Earth radius are of exactly these sizes & it’s all the same math lying at the core of how the universe calculates fundamental symmetries, forces and dimensions.

This All Is Really It.

My News

03:49  ⚘5

The Model of the Universe is a Trip that may take your whole life
Your brain’s only healthy when it’s constantly seeking

I thought out how our visual field, continuum, and everything ever receiving photons are structured creating everything in existence & how to allocate any info there as the universe does

I realized what’s in the second most fundamental axiom (m * x * v > Planck constant) in terms of
1) holographic principle, supersymmetry, supersupersymmetry (that of chronoquants – the first axiom) & what creates the three-symmetry & those fundamental particles
2) finances & why my simplest etho-correlationist research nailed it so hhhard since October 2019 (and Covid – a Nietzschean question + me being responsible & knowing the truest core structures of the universe)

Also, envisioned my whole number time series infrastructure with frameworks for the most informative visualizations possible

Tonnes of content soon, “A” SHOW

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